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Monday, May 18, 2009

Shearing Sheep and the Zoo...

This weekend we went to St. Louis, with some friends, to shear my two Shetland sheep. They are staying at my Grandpa's barn because we don't have a place to keep them yet. We shear them once a year usually around April or May.

This is Rose Ayana. She has the thickest wool of the two and it is VERY curly.

This is Joanna. Shetland sheep are a heritage breed and are known for their quality of wool in hand spinning.

As you can see they are a lot darker underneath than they are on top. After we get the wool off, in order to get it ready for spinning it needs to be washed several times and then carded.

After we were done shearing we headed over to the St. Louis Zoo.

Penguins, Ben's favorite.

Take a look at that beak!!!

Wow! Cool color!

Isn't it so neat how God created each of His animals so uniquely? There are not any two exactly alike. The colors, shapes and designs are often very diverse. He is an AWSOME Creator.


The Krahns said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. We assume you're keeping the wool to use, right? We also like you family photos.

Pecks said...

Yes, we'll wash the wool and then take it to New Salem to card while we are interpreting.