But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever. Amen. 2 Peter 3:18

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Don't worry I'm still going to post the wedding pics. I just need to make time and sort through them. But in the mean time... I played on a team against our girls volleyball team last night and our team won! But both teams played well. It was a lot of fun.

Have a great Sun.!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Probably our favorite thing we did while up there was going ice skating and playing hockey! They have FREE ice skating rinks up there! Not fair! And they are ALL REALLY good at hockey! Even the little kids! The K. family said that hockey is a god up there and so people start their kids out young skating. Everyone is soooooo fast that it's hard to get good pics. that aren't blurry.
It was REALLY fun but very tiring.

It's a little intimidating at first but they are so good at just letting you play no matter how bad you are. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

More MN

One morning Ben and James went ice fishing with some of the other guys. This was their second time. They had a good time!
(this is Mr. Mc. & Mr. K.)
So they are out on a HUGE lake called Lake of the Woods where the ice is about 3 ft. thick! No worries about them falling in! They even drive the cars out there! Pretty cool huh?!

They drill a hole in the ice with a drill that looks like a post hole digger.

Then bait the hook, drop in the line, and wait for a bite!

In all they were out for about 6 hours and caught 10 fish.

Ice fishing is a big thing up there so all around are fishing houses with people fishing! It's kinda cool to see little huts dotting the horizon!

Ben wanted to get some scenic pics. while out there and I think he did a good job!

He said you could see through the ice clearly in some places the day they went out and said it was really pretty! He said you couldn't see all the way down but you could see a little down.

These are cracks in the ice, but don't worry, they aren't very deep.

This was taken from inside the tent where they fished.

Here's a quick video clip to show you how large the lake is!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the to be continued...

... So we finally made it to Amos and Rebekah's! (At around 5 as I have been corrected by our travelling companions.) ;>
For those of you who don't know Rebekah is a good friend of mine who married Amos I think about 2 years ago and moved up to MN. She is the Mc. oldest child. and she now has been blessed with two cute little boys, Daniel 1 and David 3 months.
We stayed at their house for the first 3 days then moved over to the main K. family on Sun.
So we had a good time bumming around, talking, eating, and holding little ones!
This is Daniel, he's holding the extra chess pieces for Daddy and Uncle Nathan.

And here's David! He is such a snuggler! I LOVED getting to hold him for hours the whole week!

This is Daniel's new look.

(The wedding happened next but we took those pics. on another camera and still have to download them and sort through so we will post those pics. last for the grand finalli (?). It was a WONDERFUL wedding!)
One of the many fun things we did while up there was go sledding on the BIGGEST sledding hill I'm sure in the whole country! (remember we're from IL where it's flat so anything looks huge!) But this really was a big one! The drive there was BEAUTIFUL! Right through a state forest!

We didn't get too many good pics. while there but we got a few movies and we thought this would be the best way to show how far down it was. It was LOADS of fun!
(This is Silas K. going down.)

(stay tuned!...)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Trip to MN.....

And we're back. Thank you all who kept us in your prayers while we where gone! As you will see we really needed them!
We had a WONDERFUL time, we always do, even though our start was a bit rough...
We left our house at around 5 Wed. night. Everything was going fine, we had a few hours of snow but the Lord protected us and it soon let off. But then around 5 a.m we started hearing something that sounded like bumps on the road. THEN something happened on the back end and we started swerving like we had a flat tire. <:O But it wasn't a flat, it was worse than that... (no rhyme intended.) The bolts to the tire broke off!!! But praise the Lord He allowed us to stop before the wheel completely came off! He is so good! We were travelling with the Mc. family so they were there to haul us all to a nearby gas station where we stayed til noon that day.
So, start your imaginations going and picture both our families stuck in a gas station from 5 in the morning til noon that day. Yeah. Not a pretty sight.
We started off the morning with a game on Mennonite Madness.
But that interested us only for a while and since I had not slept all night I quickly fell asleep... for 2 hours... on a table.

And soon Ben joined me.

But not everybody else!!!! Oh no! They were stronger than that! ;)
Ok, the mom's had been up ALL night driving so when I woke up at 8 they were acting, shall we say, a little giggly? (It was kinda scary!!)

So the Lord took pity on us and impressed upon the owners of the gas station, which were also the owners of the hotel next door, to give us a room for free! So the mom's got to take a nap so they were refreshed to drive the 3 hours left to go.

Needless to say we arrived at around 3 that afternoon safe and sound.

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keep Us in Your Prayers!

Hello all! Sorry we haven't written in a while but we had lost our battery charger to the camera. And now we are headed up to MN to see our dear friends the K. family. Naomi is getting married this Fri. and we are excited to be able to be there. So there will not be anymore posts until we get back. But if you are wanting to see what we are up to there will probably be some pics. on the Krahn's blog. Please keep us in yours prayers though as you think of us today. We are leaving with the Mc. family tonight at 6 and there is snow in the forecast so please be praying for our safety and for alertness during the 15 hour drive. Thanks! Praying each of you has a very blessed and warm week! ;)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Praying that The Lord blesses each one of you in amzing ways this new year! May you continue to grow in the Lord and find your joy in Him.
Love each one of you!
The Peck Family