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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

5 Day Clubs

This week we are meeting at an apartment complex for club. Yesterday we had 5 kids and one got saved! Praise the Lord! It's kinda funny, when it's not very hot outside, we get to do club in an air conditioned building! :) Here are some pics. of the last two weeks clubs. Please be praying that more kids will come and MANY more will get saved. Thank you for all your prayers already! Praying you all have a VERY blessed day!
Girls making a 5 Day Club sign.

Talking over the days schedual.

Ben doing tic-tac-know game.

Jenny telling the Bible lesson.

P.S James made lunch today, so more of that later! Stay tuned! ;>


Judy Cole said...

Awesome to see some pics! I keep hearing about these awesome 5-day Bible clubs...but what is life without pictures???? :D

Pecks said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting! It's encouraging to know people are looking and enjoying!