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Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation to MN

Hello all! Sorry it's been such a long time since I have posted! But we've had a busy and very fun couple of weeks and now things are finally seeming to slow down a little.
Well, this is going to be a VERY long post because we where on a vacation last week up at some close friends house in MN. We had a blast and have TONS of pics. to share. (These are actually pics. that Mrs. Krahn took because we didn't take very many. :} Hope you don't mind Mrs. Krahn! )
We visited the Krahn family. They live on a farm close to the Canadian border! We LOVE going up there because there is ALWAYS something to do as you will see by the pics. below...

The boys, for 4 days out of the 9, got to go to a Deserted Island Bible Camp headed up by Mr. Krahn. They had an AWSOME time!
They canoed 2 hours to a deserted island on the lake where they camped, fished, swam, & played air soft. They said they had a BLAST!

In the mean time us girls, and James, stayed home and had fun...

working, gardening, and having a good time of fellowship...

We also got to spend a lot of time with my friend Rebekah and her son Daniel who will be 1 in Sept. She married the Krahn's oldest son Amos.
Isn't he so CUTE!
When the guys got back we went blueberry picking in the National Forest up there! That was a lot of fun!

The Krahn's this year are doing a Corn Maze! So it was loads of fun getting to help them get everthing ready and to go through the maze over and over! ;>

We even went through at night!

For some it was a little nerve wracking! ;)

Some of us got to help paint the concession stand.

And here's the finished product.

They are also going to have a giant water ballon sling shot there. So all of us enjoyed taking a turn at seeing how far we could get a balloon to go.

We also got to go fishing while we were there. As you can see the Lord blessed us with quite a few fish!

James was VERY excited at catching a 26 in. walleye!

The last night we were there they where assembling a hay castle for the kids to play in at the maze. We had fun running on the walls.

And one of the highlights, for me anyway, was four wheeling!

Thank you Krahns for a TERRIFIC time!


The Comstock Family said...

Great pics, Pecks! I REALLY like the picture of the tree on your "Header" part of the blog. Did one of you take that?

It will be fun to get together with you all and hear all of your exciting stories! We love the Pecks. Thanks for putting up with us and being our friends.

InChrist, Brittany

Pecks said...

Hey Britt! Thanks for the comment! Ben took that pic. He is really good at seeing things in a "different" way. :) We love you al too! Thanks for being OUR friends!

The Comstock Family said...

Aww! That looks like you all had a blast! I was going to post and tell you I liked the tree pic too, but Britt beat me to it. But... I like the pic. As soon as I saw it I said " Aww! That's a cool pic Britt! Did you see it?" Anyways, soo glad you're back!

- Jenny

Naomi K said...

We're glad you all had a good time! So did we - it's been so quiet around here the last few days...Liked all of the pictures too!