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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello all! Sorry it's been so long, but we had company last week! :)
The K. Family from MN came down to visit and we had a blast!
Here are just a few pics. of the first few days. We didn't get many after that.
The first thing we did was go to Lincoln's tomb. It was closed that day :<>

Maelee really enjoyed all the extra attention and getting to go on "car rides" almost everyday.

Everyone took lots of pics.

This is a rock that you can offer a penny to Lincoln! Isn't that sad!

On the side of this tower was the slab that Lincoln's body was laid on after he had died.

(I know this is a lot of Lincoln stuff but this is IL.!)

"I touched Lincoln's slab!"


There was very pretty arcitecture.

No Silas don't eat it! >Ewwww!<

Ok, I know this proababy sounds weird but we visited two cemetaries while they were here! It was really neat looking at the dates and names.

Hi Mrs. McC.

"Is there any"body" in there?!"

Next we visited Lincoln's Sprinfield home.

Pretty day.

Maelee taking a break.

The Cooper shop.

Well, that's all I have time for now! Praying you all have a blessed week!


The Krahns said...

Thanks for posting those pictures.


Kookster!!!!!! said...

Looks like fun! I LOVE the last picture! :D

Naomi K said...

You got some fun pictures - I enjoyed them and they brought back wonderful memories!