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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mennonite Madness

Mennonite Madness... our friends in MN taught us this game last year and it has been a real favorite ever since!
Ok, here's how you play... You have two dice, one pen, and everyone has a sheet of paper.

You start with the pen in the middle of the table and any one person rolling the die. Then it's the next persons turn going clockwise around the circle. When someone gets doubles, like two ones, two threes, etc..., then that person that rolled the doubles grabs the pen and starts writing on their sheet of paper one to one hundred. They keep writing while everyone else is taking their turn rolling until someone else gets doubles then that person grabs the pen from the first person and starts writing to 100, and the game goes on. the first one to write to 100 wins! You won't believe how exciting it can be to write to 100!

Oh! When you get doubles the second time you just start right in where you left off writing before, you don't have to start over. Hope you all enjoy! It's a great group game!


The Krahns said...

It is a fun game! We've had some little children play and let them write the alphabet instead because they didn't know how to write all their numbers and were really slow.

Annie Kirlin said...

We play it with one dice and when a "one" appears you get to grab the pen..