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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Caleb's Coming Home!

Caleb's Coming Home!!!!!
Caleb is coming in on the 8:00 train this evening from MN!!!!! We are sooooo excited and looking forward to having him here for about a month. Stay warm!


kjvbaptist said...

Caleb Caleb Caleb....riding on a train
Caleb Caleb Caleb....resting his brain

He's coming into town, he'll be here at 8 o'clock
he's looking forward to seeing ME, and treating him to First Wok

He can't wait to see Pastor....
and go to Don Panchito's for some flaun

(I don't know if he likes flaun) ummmm...
Caleb says "it sure beats being cold, and living with the Krahn's........Now give me a great big hug MOM!!!!"

;-) Hope you enjoy your time back home Caleb.

Anonymous said...

Hurray! We thought you were SUPPOSED to come home for Thanksgiving... and we missed you then! But it will be great having you back for Christmas and best of all... SDC! Maybe we'll see some more tarantulas... lol! Just kidding.

We'll see ya tonight or Saturday!


The Krahns said...

Hey! I think he likes living at the Krahns!! :) The cold is a different matter. 19 below the other night was a little too cold for the southern boy. Unfortunately, he won't look as nice as the picture you posted. I'm really ashamed to admit it, but, he hasn't had a haircut since he left Illinois!! Yup! He doesn't want anyone to touch his lovely, now curly locks, except his mother! That's three months!!! Sorry, Mrs. Peck! I guess I could've forced him to let me cut it, or maybe Silas, or even Priscilla, but we did so like those curls! Also, due to Amtrak's mechanical difficulties, it may be tomorrow before he gets home. Sorry about that too. We could've brought him down there and back faster! We will miss Caleb though, and hopefully he hasn't picked up our mannerisms so much you never let him step foot on Minnesota soil again. Please have him notify us when he arrives! We'll be praying for him, and for you all! :) Thanks for sharing him!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That was just James.