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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wedding Pics.!

Well, wedding pics. at last! Here are some of the pics. we got at the wedding we went to in MN.
This is Rebekah K. playing the flute with me on the piano for the prelude.
Here's the ring bearer and flower girl! Aren't they cute!

Here's Daniel! Rebekah's little boy.

Aaron and Naomi...

The kiss everyone's been waiting for!

Naomi made her own wedding cake! Isn't it beautiful! I love the lights cascading down the side!

This was really neat... in Canada they have programs at there weddings, so since they are so close to there they had one at their wedding! It was fun hearing the stories that some of the siblings told. This is Amos, Rebekah's husband and Naomi's brother, telling some humorous stories about Naomi.

Here is the whole K. family! Two children married, five more to go. (Although I think the consensus in their house is to wait a little before the next one, Lord willing. ;)


Kookster!!!!!! said...

Well, I would be sarcastic and say it looks like a swan...but really! It did look beautiful! And congrats to the happy couple! (even though I don't really know them ;)

The Krahns said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Jordan! We didn't have the program just cause we live close to the border, since my mom is Canadian, éveryone in my family does this. Wouldn't want to disappoint them - plus, I think it was one of the best parts of the wedding - next to all the kissing!!

Anonymous said...

I love the wedding cake!!
It is so beautiful. I'd love to be able to decorate cakes like that. =)
If you have a chance, Peck family, take a look at my new blog I just started!
Have a great day!

~Samantha H.

Aaron and Naomi said...

Like the pictures :) Also enjoyed the ones of you staying at my place - without me :) - that is, Mom and Dad's (as I'm getting used to saying...) Glad you enjoyed your time in MN