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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our First Days

Hey all! Thanks for your prayers! We had a slow weekend but that was ok, God knows what He's doing. We had a video production guy out at the maze on Fri. and he created a REALLY neat video while a family went through the maze!
Here's the link to the video! Hope you enjoy!


kjvbaptist said...

I know your family is extremely busy with the maze but when I saw this I thought of Caleb. Just passing the info.

Kookster!!!!!! said...

ok...Joanna said that on the web site, you all didn't have a pic up of your dearest Vivian...or were you just kidding about naming your hog that? haha :D I would love to see a pic of that beautiful lady! lol :D Just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. I didn't get to vote! So sad! You should keep putting up different ones though! They're fun!

- Jen Ben Hen