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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Maze Is Cut!!!!

Praise the Lord the Corn Maze is cut!!!!  :D
It took two days and a couple break downs but it is finally done!

The way we cut the maze, for those of you who are interested is....
Caleb downloads the picture of the maze we have drawn on graph paper to our Farm Works GPS.
Then he, connected to the battery in our little John Deer lawn mower, slowly walks ahead and shows where the lines, curves, etc... need to go.
Mrs. Mc., who drove the little lawn mower this year, follows close behind and makes a path for me, who is on the big John Deer tractor with a tiller behind, tills the paths.
Below is a pic. of us doing that from the Concession Cabin roof.

We had fun.... most of the time.  It did get a little stressful at times.

Here is a pic. of part of the maze.  Any guesses of what it is?

Now I'm sure you all are wanting to know what the picture is this year aren't you?!

Well.... you all will just have to be patient til we get the aerial photo!  ;)
(Actually, we are anxious to know what we made too!)  :D

Thank you all for you're prayers!


Ashlyn Y said...

Praise the LORD! Can't wait to see the "big" photo!~

The K. Family said...

Yeah! It looks so nice!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Where did you take the last picture of? The one where you asked if we knew what it was. Was that from the roof?

Jordan P. said...

Yep, that was from the roof!
We're hoping to get the airial photo this week! :D

Kookster!!!! said...

Yayness! That must have taken TONS of work!!! ;)

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