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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Snow

Well, last weekend we had our first snow this year!  I can't believe we didn't get any til the middle of January!  This winter has been sooooo weird!  One day it will be in the 50's then the next below freezing!  But we did enjoy the snow, we got about 2-3 in., and even got to go sledding one afternoon!
I don't think our other animals really found the snow that thrilling but this was our summer kittens first time to see snow.  Emily seems to be enjoying it...

The other animals where busy trying not to think about it.  ;)

Here's Adalaide, our milk cow.  (Not too fun milking in this cold.)

And here's our two steers.  The brown one is Ronald and the black one is... Guess...

Ben got some pics. at night too and I thought this one looked kinda cool.

And on Sat. we took care of some friends while their parents went out to dinner so I had a tea party for the girls.  What a blessing Christian friends are.

God bless!  Hope ya'll have a great day!  :)

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