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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hoof Trimming

Yesterday Ben came in from doing chores and said that the goats hooves REALLY needed trimming.  So, we headed out.  Now goats aren't like horses where they just stand still while you lift their foot and trim.  At least ours isn't.  So... being the professionals we are... ;) ... we wrestle her on her side and one person holds her down while the other trims. 

After struggling to get a four legged, stubborn creature on her side.... it isn't too bad of job... well, Ben's part anyway....  ;D

It can even be a good time to catch a cat nap!  Cat included! :)

It's so nice to have harmony between farm animals.

I found this CUTE Valentine's hair do and tried it on Mae this week.  If you'd like to see how to do it I posted how on my hair blog www.simplycurlydos.blogspot.com .

Ya'll have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I was totally CRACKING UP while reading this post! Thanks for sharing, looks like fun!

Miss you guys! I have a new email address: brittanyingerson@gmail.com

My Wildblue address died... sad day!

Love, Britt

Anonymous said...

ok so that was sooo funny i love the cat