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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Puppy Update...

The puppies are getting so big so fast!  Their eyes are completely open now and so are their ears.  They are starting to show their own personalities and it's so fun to see them play with each other!  They are sooooo active!  No longer is it just sleep and eat now it's go go go!  We are having sooooo much fun with them!   I'm going to try to post a movie of them playing later on but I haven't had much success with uploading movies lately so we'll see.
Well, here are all the puppies... we finally have them all named!

This is Breta.... (Jordan's favorite)

This is Calla Lilly..... (James' favorite).... we also call her the Little Bear cause she looks like the way she waddles around and she is one of the biggest ones.

This is Garthe.....

...and his brother Hub.

Here is Hew....

This one we call Sunny Girl because she looks just like her dad Sunny.  This is one Caleb is thinking on keeping for breeding.

Here is Margarete.

This little cutie is Molly Mae.... this is another one Caleb is thinking on keeping for breeding.  By the time these little ones are ready for breeding the two we have now will be ready for retirement ;) so Caleb is trying to think ahead.

And here is the runt Patrik... he is so sweet!

You are probably wondering at the differentness of the names....  Mom and Caleb wanted to get some of the old names from the Shetland islands to play up on that theme.  It also gives them a little bit more of a distinguished look since their dad is a champion blood line.

That's all for now!  Hope you all have a great weekend!  :)

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Jivian Vudith said...

Awww! There aint a thing cuter than puppies!!!! SO cute!