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Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy Weekend

We have had a very busy weekend. We celebrated mom's B-day on Fri. because we had our annual Youth Conference that night and all day Sat. It was a lot of fun making her day special.

We started out with a light morning tea. Then for lunch we took her out to her favorite place to eat, the La Tea Da Tea Room. That wasn't the best part though. As you all know Caleb is working in MN for a couple of months. Well, the church he is going to and the family he is staying with decided to come down for our conference. So for mom's Birthday he wanted to show up and surprise her and I was the only one to know about it. When he showed up at the Tea Room mom and the boys faces were priceless! I wish I could have gotten a pic. :)

Caleb and our friends were only able to stay til Sat. afternoon when they had to start their long trip home. Unfortunately we didn't get any pics. while they were here or the Youth Conference! Just too much on our plate. :[

I was put in charge of decorating the visiting speaker's rooms and making goody baskets for them. So us and the C. family had a load of fun doing that.

Jenny and Ben were put in charge of decorating while Britt and I put together the goody baskets. And James took pics.

Britt and Jenny made the welcome cards.

Yum! James said he wishes someone would make one for him sometime!

The theme for the Conference was the Alamo. So we used red, white and blue colors.

And here's the finished product!

Who put that in there?!

We are having our Revival at our church this week so if you all would keep us in your prayers that revival would break out. That lives would be changed and sin gotten rid of. Have a good evening!
Commit thy way unto the LORD.~

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The Comstock Family said...

Oh fun! Didn't know you took all those pics! Ya'll are soo fun!

- Jen