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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exciting Announcement & A Blog Break

We have an exciting announcement to make!
Our family is starting a Corn Maze this fall!
And we'd love it if each one of you would be able to come! We are still working on details... like... when we will open, what all we will offer, etc... We will fill you all in as soon as we know ourselves. ;D In the meantime if you would keep us all in your prayers for wisdom and the Lord's blessing and guidance. There are A LOT of things to finalize in a very short time so because of this we are going on a blog break for a week or two. (I know, not that we've been posting a lot lately anyway. ;) Pray you all have a GREAT week!
The Peck Family


The Krahns said...

Having a corn maze is a crazy idea.

The Krahns said...

Ah! Where did you ever get a crazy idea like that! Hope we aren't being a bad influence! We'll be praying for you as you have a lot of decisions to make.

Kookster!!!!!! said...

haha those are awesome! (one time, when Jeff was little, we got into the middle of a really confusing maze, and he's like "I have to go to the bathroom!" yikes! :D :)

B and J said...

I cannot wait! It's going to be like... really fun! Can't wait can't wait!

- Jen

Anonymous said...

Love the header! Who took it? Oh wait... I probably already know!

- jen

Samantha said...

Love the new blog design, Peck Family! Especially all of the flower pictures. =)
That is SO neat about starting up a corn maze!! Please keep us updated on it!

Have a great day!

Samantha H.

B and J said...

Hey! That is a really cute blog background. I like it.

- Jen