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Saturday, April 24, 2010

We'd Like To Hear From YOU! :)

Hello all!
While we are on a break we'd like to see who all looks at our blog on a weekly basis!
So, whether you know us personally or not if you would leave a comment on our blog and sign your first name, or last name (not much detail needed) or even if you want to sign it the state you live in we'd love to see who checks out our blog!

All you have to do is click on comment at the bottom of this post, write a comment in the box (It doesn't have to be lengthy, just a simple Hi will do!), sign it, then select "anonymous" and click on post comment! (Oh! For me sometimes it won't let me leave a comment the first time I try it, so then I just click post comment again and it usually goes through!)

Looking forward to hearing from you! Praying you all have a blessed week! Keep us in your prayers!

Thanks for looking!
The Peck Family


Anonymous said...

I read your blog every time you update it!!

-Sarah Covey

Bruce and Linda Mitton said...

Hi Pecks. We enjoy seeing what is happening in your lives. Mittons

Julia said...

Hello! It is great to see what's going on in your lives!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I read your blog occassionally. I am a friend of the Mittons and the rest of the church family in Warroad.

Anonymous said...

Hi! We are friends of a family that moved to MN this last year and know Caleb. They mentioned your family, so we look in on your blog every so often. It is neat to see what is going on in the lives of another Christian family!

-The Wolford Family from PA

Joanna Cole said...

I read it:-D

Anonymous said...

Read your blog every time there is an update. =)

~Hartzell Family

Victor and Shelly McCanne said...

We do!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello Hello! We always read ya'll's blog! e are ya'll's biggest fans! We love you guys!

- Comstocks!!!!!!!!!!!

B and J said...

Hey Jo! When ya gonna update!?!?!

Just wondering!

- J

The Krahns said...

Yes, we read your blog! Looking forward to Thursday!

With A Vision said...

I read your blog when I get a chance- most of the time it is when you update.
Ashlyn Yates (I have two usernames- one for my blog, and another one [which is this one] for me and my cousins blog we do together.

Anonymous said...

Howells :)