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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

S.M.I.T.E Camp!

Sorry all for not posting last week! Caleb, Ben, & I were at S.M.I.T.E camp down in balmy Louisiana all last week! We had a GREAT time! S.M.I.T.E camp, for those of you who don't know, is a camp were "fun goes to die" as the director, Uncle Jerry, says. :) It's a place were they train you to lead 5 Day Bible Clubs and to lead kids to the Lord! A 5 Day Bible Club is like a 1 hour VBS in someones backyard or at a town park. We do songs, a memory verse, and Bible lesson and a missionary story. Plus a game or two here or there.
S.M.I.T.E stands for Summer Missionary Institute for Training and Evangelism. It has four levels that you pass by taking tests at the end of the week. The 1st level teaches how to use the wordless book to lead someone to the Lord. Level 2 is how to tell the Missionary story, level 3 on how to tell the Bible lesson and to write your own outlines, and level 4 is on teaching in general. After you pass level 4 you "graduate" from SMITE, which I (Jordan) did this year! Caleb passed level 3 and Ben passed level 2.
So the schedule (just so you can see what it's like) is... you get up at 6:00, eat breakfast, then you go to your classes til lunch. After lunch you have a study hour to get ready for your club then everyone goes out to there assigned club and practices what they have been learning. After that everyone gets back, gets ready for evening services and goes to dinner. After dinner the service starts at about 6:30, with a 1/2 hour sing time, and doesn't get out til the Holy Spirit lets us! :) Which this week was about 11:30 each night! It is so cool because there is such a sense of revival in that place that is just awesome!
This year there were over 1,000 kids enrolled in the clubs and over 400 saved!!!! This is a camp to definitely look in to! Hope I didn't bore you all! Now to the pics...
On the way down we stopped at Lamberts!!!!
We had a little wait so we bumped a volleyball on the grass to get all our energy out from driving.

On Sun. after church we went to the Bass Pro Shop down there!!! COOL place!!!!

(Love this truck!)
Here's Britt and Jenny in one of the services.

Here's Ashley! She's so cute!

And Natalea, she's so fun! And there's our guys in the background.

This was one of the preachers.

And some of you may know this one! "I love my pastor!!!" :D

This is a movie of one of the songs we sing down there. The song time is just incredible!!!!!

Please keep us in your prayer this summer as we do Bible clubs around our area! For safety and the Holy Spirit to convict and change lives!


Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say but....

1. Smite is awesome!
2. Interesting pics of us!
3. thanx for posting.
4. Ya'll are great.
5 And yes I know... I'm crazy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jo!Loved the SMITE pics. I love Jeff's face in the back of the picture of Jen and the car! Lol...

Loving camp! Lots to do... just stopped for a break before supper!

Love, Britt

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I was in class with Caleb (Hi, Caleb, if you ever see this. It's the dumb blond. :P). SMITE was awesome!!! :) (forgive my lame comment that had absolutely no useful information)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great way to be mindless zombies. You fucking idiots.