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Friday, June 18, 2010

Watermelons & Pamplets...

Here is a corn maze update with pics.! (I know.. finally!) ;)
Last week we passed out pamphlets about the corn maze at our county wide Rt. 66 garage sale! The pamphlet also has a $1 off coupon in it so hopefully a lot of people will come and use them!!!!
Here mom and the boys are folding them.
And last night at 8:00 we went out and planted watermelons in the you pick sweet corn, watermelon, pumpkin patch!

It was pretty fun though, out in the middle of a corn field at dusk planting watermelons. Not something you see everyday! ;)

Mom dug the hole.
Ben stuck in the plant.

I covered it with dirt.

And James watered. ;D

Oh! And for those of you who so sacrificially gave of your time and energy to help plant those 3,000 pumpkin seeds the other day... they are coming up and looking great! Thanks for your help!


Kookster!!!!!! said...

nice! (and it looks like James is more like "7-uping them...not watering! haha or whatever that stuff is! ;D) oh yeah...it's a swan!

B and J said...

Lol! I liked the part about, Mom dug the hole, Ben stuck in the plant, I buried it, and James watered it.

That was funny.

Well, I can't wait!