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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bahamas Continued

Here are more pics. from our Bahamas trip!
This is missionaries kitchen were we ate most of our meals.  Their house was so cute and very roomy!

Here is Mega Man!  He was the mascott of VBS.  He is a guy from our church that fit the role PERFECTLY!  The kids LOVED him!  :D

Here are some of the kids waiting for the morning rally to start.

We had a fun time keeping the kids entertained while waiting for the bus to arrive everyday.  LOTS of singing!  ;D  By the end of the 2nd most of our voices were shot!  But it was fun.

The VBS program they did was REALLY neat!  It was a sports VBS.  They had 3 sports they offered and the kids chose one at the beginning of the week and were in that sport all week.  there was Basketball, Volleyball, & Soccer.

For each sport there was a Head Coach and Assistant Coach that taught the sports and assigned drills.  Then there were Huddle Coaches.  Most of our group were Huddle Coaches.  What that meant was they had about 10-13 kids that were assigned to their group for the whole week.  Once the Head Coach assigned a drill they would break off into their Huddle Groups and practice it with the Huddle Coaches improving their kids.  They also had Huddle time were the Huddle Coaches would have a spiritual time with their group.  It was so neat to see the teens learning valuable leadership skills through this athletically but most important spiritually.  I think it was an AWESOME program and hope our Pastor does it at our church some year!

Here is Ben with his Huddle group.  He was a Huddle Coach for soccer and I was the unworthy Head coach for volleyball.

Here is afternoon rally time.  We had about 100 kids everyday give or take depending on the day and they fit ALL of them in a 25 passenger bus! :)

Here is Jenny, she was a Huddle Coach for volleyball, during one of the Huddle times.  She got to lead quite a few kids to the Lord that week!  Way to go Jenny!  :)

We made lots of friends while down there.  It was a GREAT week.  There were about 30 kids that got saved during the week!  Praise the Lord!

On our last night there we went to a sea food restaurant were we tried conch... fried and fresh!  It didn't taste bad at all it was more the thought of what it was that we were eating that disturbed some of us!  ;)
Some in our group ordered WHOLE fish!  Eyeballs and all!  :P  The Bahamians eat EVERYTHING...

as you can see!

The missionaries had a banana, mango, and coconut tree in their yard!

On the last night we also went to the Atlantis Aquarium...

Here's Ben on the beach...
We all had a wonderful time and are hoping to all go back next year!

This is a dress I bought at the Straw Market.  That is the Atlantis Hotel in the background.

If any of you have never been on a missions trip before I strongly urge you to take one!  It is so life changing and such a joy to invest in other peoples lives.

)If you would like to see more pics. Cool-Com-Collected has more on theirs!)

Have a great weekend!


B and J said...

Ewww! The eels are gross! Those things scare me! Like the pic of you on the bridge.

The K. Family said...

Love all the pics! What a great opportunity, and I agree, everyone ought to take a missions trip sometime in their life.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I really wanted to go. Hopefully next year I'll be there. It seems like such a great opportunity.


P.s. will someone pleeeeze give Jordan's email address so I can communicate with her while she's in India. JORDAN YOU ARE MISSED!!!!!!!