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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Keep Us in Your Prayers!

Hello all! Sorry we haven't written in a while but we had lost our battery charger to the camera. And now we are headed up to MN to see our dear friends the K. family. Naomi is getting married this Fri. and we are excited to be able to be there. So there will not be anymore posts until we get back. But if you are wanting to see what we are up to there will probably be some pics. on the Krahn's blog. Please keep us in yours prayers though as you think of us today. We are leaving with the Mc. family tonight at 6 and there is snow in the forecast so please be praying for our safety and for alertness during the 15 hour drive. Thanks! Praying each of you has a very blessed and warm week! ;)


Anonymous said...

Will do!

- Jen

Anonymous said...

Oh we will, will, will and I have already been, been, been!

Come back soon! We need to go sledding with all of our new snow!

Love you guys, and we'll be praying for you!

Love, Britt

B and J said...

So, you're finally there! Jordan, while you were on the road, did you pray for an adventure??? Just wondering! Hope ya'll have tons of fun. Hope the Krahns post lots of pics.

- Jen

Anonymous said...

Hellloooo! Hope you all are having a great time!

The time you were traveling I felt super burdened to pray for you all. I think I know why! I am SO thankful that you were all okay and no one was hurt.

I love the puzzles. I am doing the cool one similar to the one I used to have. Hope the wedding went well. Can't wait to see the pics! Hope you can get my camera to work well!

Mr. Dorsey is here!!! Tomorrow is his birthday. Maybe you could all give him a call. He'd love it!

Well, we need to get going. We need to pick up some food for supper.

Take Care, Britt

B and J said...

Hope ya'll are having bucketfulls of fun! Got bored of the snow yet??? Hopefully not. We got a lot here, and no one else has been brave enough to go sledding with us! :( Well, see ya in a little less than a week!

- Jenor8tor -