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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the to be continued...

... So we finally made it to Amos and Rebekah's! (At around 5 as I have been corrected by our travelling companions.) ;>
For those of you who don't know Rebekah is a good friend of mine who married Amos I think about 2 years ago and moved up to MN. She is the Mc. oldest child. and she now has been blessed with two cute little boys, Daniel 1 and David 3 months.
We stayed at their house for the first 3 days then moved over to the main K. family on Sun.
So we had a good time bumming around, talking, eating, and holding little ones!
This is Daniel, he's holding the extra chess pieces for Daddy and Uncle Nathan.

And here's David! He is such a snuggler! I LOVED getting to hold him for hours the whole week!

This is Daniel's new look.

(The wedding happened next but we took those pics. on another camera and still have to download them and sort through so we will post those pics. last for the grand finalli (?). It was a WONDERFUL wedding!)
One of the many fun things we did while up there was go sledding on the BIGGEST sledding hill I'm sure in the whole country! (remember we're from IL where it's flat so anything looks huge!) But this really was a big one! The drive there was BEAUTIFUL! Right through a state forest!

We didn't get too many good pics. while there but we got a few movies and we thought this would be the best way to show how far down it was. It was LOADS of fun!
(This is Silas K. going down.)

(stay tuned!...)

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