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Friday, January 22, 2010

More MN

One morning Ben and James went ice fishing with some of the other guys. This was their second time. They had a good time!
(this is Mr. Mc. & Mr. K.)
So they are out on a HUGE lake called Lake of the Woods where the ice is about 3 ft. thick! No worries about them falling in! They even drive the cars out there! Pretty cool huh?!

They drill a hole in the ice with a drill that looks like a post hole digger.

Then bait the hook, drop in the line, and wait for a bite!

In all they were out for about 6 hours and caught 10 fish.

Ice fishing is a big thing up there so all around are fishing houses with people fishing! It's kinda cool to see little huts dotting the horizon!

Ben wanted to get some scenic pics. while out there and I think he did a good job!

He said you could see through the ice clearly in some places the day they went out and said it was really pretty! He said you couldn't see all the way down but you could see a little down.

These are cracks in the ice, but don't worry, they aren't very deep.

This was taken from inside the tent where they fished.

Here's a quick video clip to show you how large the lake is!

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Kookster!!!!!! said...

wowsers!!!! That's really huge! and is the truck on the lake??? :D What a swan!