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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Trip to MN.....

And we're back. Thank you all who kept us in your prayers while we where gone! As you will see we really needed them!
We had a WONDERFUL time, we always do, even though our start was a bit rough...
We left our house at around 5 Wed. night. Everything was going fine, we had a few hours of snow but the Lord protected us and it soon let off. But then around 5 a.m we started hearing something that sounded like bumps on the road. THEN something happened on the back end and we started swerving like we had a flat tire. <:O But it wasn't a flat, it was worse than that... (no rhyme intended.) The bolts to the tire broke off!!! But praise the Lord He allowed us to stop before the wheel completely came off! He is so good! We were travelling with the Mc. family so they were there to haul us all to a nearby gas station where we stayed til noon that day.
So, start your imaginations going and picture both our families stuck in a gas station from 5 in the morning til noon that day. Yeah. Not a pretty sight.
We started off the morning with a game on Mennonite Madness.
But that interested us only for a while and since I had not slept all night I quickly fell asleep... for 2 hours... on a table.

And soon Ben joined me.

But not everybody else!!!! Oh no! They were stronger than that! ;)
Ok, the mom's had been up ALL night driving so when I woke up at 8 they were acting, shall we say, a little giggly? (It was kinda scary!!)

So the Lord took pity on us and impressed upon the owners of the gas station, which were also the owners of the hotel next door, to give us a room for free! So the mom's got to take a nap so they were refreshed to drive the 3 hours left to go.

Needless to say we arrived at around 3 that afternoon safe and sound.

(to be continued...)


Victor and Shelly McCanne said...

We actually arrived at about 5:00 that night because of the transmission problems later on. :) How could you forget that part Jo? Those people on 11 that weren't home and those trees!?! : )
We had a great time with you all!! Thank you for a fun trip. Can't wait to see the rest.

Camille said...

Well, we're glad you made it, even with all the problems! Hopefully your van ran good all the way home!

Ash Y said...

Sounds interesting!!!